Auto Surf Myth FAQs & Myths
What is a traffic exchange?
Traffic exchanges are simple you view my page
and I view yours. We use a credit system to
ensure all members receive a similar time
and attention.

How Do I Receive Hits?
To start viewing sites from other members.
You "Surf"
You will earn credits for every page you
view while surfing.
Your site will receive one hit for each credit
that you assign to your affiliate link or page.

My account is suspended WHY?
We suspend account for not having an
active email this is the
most common reason. Members that
continually break rules.
From time to time we will audit an account
to see if bonuses are being
 claimed in a reasonable fashion if not an
account can be suspended.

IS this an investment site?
No!  thats has nothing to do with
Auto Surf Myth
upgrades are for advertising or more ad impressions.
We will never ask you to invest in our site

Who are the owners?
James Dias & Randy Fountain
James Dias
 has been in auto surf since late 2006.
Started his Internet marketing run based
on Auto surf traffic exchanges. a decade
in auto surf is a good start.
Randy Fountain
Surfs more then any owner on the planet
Randy has also been in the
traffic exchanging business of over a
decade. Great guy great surfer
amazing owner.

DBA Auto Surf Myth
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