You need Traffic! We have enhanced our Auto Surf Traffic Exchange to help boost the traffic you need to your Websites and Affiliate pages. We have implemented an incentive to help all members increase free website traffic, free visitors and unique website views. is a Free Auto Surf, where you can
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Lets talk about the Myths surrounding auto surf traffic exchanges:


Its a waste of Bandwidth.

With Some manual surfs taking up to 10000 hits per referral. Some auto surfs out perform Manual traffic exchanges.


No one is even there to see the ads.

Auto surf is traffic volume and its easy to go get a cup of Joe while surfing. But with our combo of large rewards in surf and Bonuses for active members we are a lot different.


Auto surf isn’t a real traffic exchange.

….. HOW? Its automatic. Auto surfers are people like you and me. Some also have disabilities where manual surfing is very hard to do. Auto surf is just right for everyone.


Auto surf is for Hits Not signups.

No longer true. We get referrals all time passively promoting. Autosurf / Manual surf it dont matter. We have won referral contest many times promoting using only auto surf traffic exchanges. Since 2008 We have been involved in auto surf traffic exchanges.


Auto Surf exchanges wont last.

I wouldnt say that. Auto surfs have been here for almost 2 decades now. Auto surfs are an easy way to get more visitors to your site. And its free.

More Myths debunked inside. Try Auto Surf Myth for 30 days and you will be hooked for life.